Our overall goals are to provide timely access and quality health services that are member centered: prevent illness and injury while promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness; provide qualified and committed health staff and professionals to work with individuals and families when seeking answers to their health concerns; and collaborate with community and regional organizations to provide comprehensive access to health and social services.
We offer a variety of Health Services for our community which include and are introduced by Clusters:

Management and Support

Health Administration
Local Research
Human Resource

Children and Youth

Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve (AHS)
Success Through Advocacy Role modeling (STAR)
Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)
Maternal Child Health Program (MCHP)

Mental Health & Addictions

Brighter Futures
Building Healthy Communities
Family Violence
National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention
Youth Solvent Abuse
Indian Residential School

Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Communicable Disease Control

Community Health Representative

Primary Health Care

Home and Community Care

Non Insured Benefits

Medical Transportation

Environmental Health & Occupation

Water Quality Monitoring

Community Emergency Plan

Emergency Preparedness Pandemic Planning
Communicable Disease Emergency Planning

For Emergency Medical Assistance please contact:
Nursing Station Facility

Phone: 204-676-2011
Fax: 204-676-2055
Lisa Nachbaur - Administrative Assistant
Gladys Guay - Nurse in Charge
Cileen Monias-Umpherville - Winnipeg Transportation Referral Clerk
Pauline Ross - Thompson Transportation Referral Clerk


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