Building Healthy Communities

Shannon Nabess

BHC Coordinator
Phone: 204-676-2218    Cell: 204-679-2211

Solvent Abuse Program

Margaret Scott

Solvent Abuse Worker
Phone: 204-676-2218 ext 258

Mental Health Program

Leonard Ross

Mental Health Worker
Phone: 204-676-2218 ext 239


Improve mental wellness and increase awareness of suicide risk factors in First Nations communities


Establish a community-based mental health crisis managemnent program.
Enhance community management and control by providing the tools necessary to tackle hopelessness and suicide affecting communities in crisis.
Address critical gaps in mental health services and programs.
Provide training in crisis intervention and aftercare so caregivers and community members can deal with crisis situtations.
Provide support for intervention thereby reducing the number of suicides attempts and other violent crisis situations.

Main Program Areas

Crisis Intervention:
Provide immediate assessment and access to counseling programs

Aftercare and Rehabilitation:
Provide referals for treatment, peer-support groups and follow-up

Training: Provide and/or develop accredited, culturally sensitive training for community members and caregivers (i.e., crisis management, intervention, trauma, suicide prevention).
Provide community eduaction and increase awareness of the nature of mental health.

Solvent Abuse Program

Support the community to reduce the level of solvent addiction
Increase awareness and understanding among community residents about solvent addiction and promote alternative healthy lifestyles
Strenghten links between the community-based programs and residential treatment, and provide support to individuals and families in post-treatmjent.
Links: NAYSPS: National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Provention Strategy NIHB: Mental Health; Non-Insured Health Benefits NNADAP: National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program

Mental Health

'Content on Mental Health is forthcoming'


Increase community awareness of suicide risks and preventative measures
Increase community awareness, participation and partnerships in mental health enrichment activities
Increase the capacity of community mental health workers

Increase awareness of suicide and risk factors
Improve mental wellness in First Nations Communities


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